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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Seyed Mohammad Seyde Ale Teyeb The effect of nano diomond particles on wear and thermal fatigue strength of chromium- nano diamond composite coatings
2 Majid Ramadani Nashali Effect of nano Silica and carbon nano tube on the mechanical properties of portland cement based concrete
3 Saeed Hatamikhah Effect of Duty-Cycle on Synthesis of Nanostructured Gan Via Plasma -assisted Vapor Phase Deposition
4 Mohammad Hasan Fraji Motlagh Effect of liquid environment on the properties of Al nanoparticles prepared via arc discharge in liquid
5 Hasan Mikani Synthesis of TiC Nanoparticles by Gel-Combustion
6 Mohammad Mahdi Tavakoli Harandi Structural investigation and mechanical properties of Fe-based Fe55-xCr18Mo7B16C4Nbx (x =0, 3) alloys in glassy state and amorphous/ nanostructured composite‎
7 Seyed Ali Hoseini Khorasani Co- Electrodeposition of Ni- Graphene nano composite coating for Corrosion resistance‎
8 Reza Soltan Alizadeh Improvment of surface properties of nanostructured TiN layer coated on Ti alloy by PACVD‎
9 Maedeh Shokri Kujori Fabrication and Analysis of Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells Based on ZnO Nanowires Doped with Al‎
10 Omid Alizadeh Fabricating Sustainable Nanoporous Ceramic Articles Based on Beta- SiAlON to Satisfy the Required Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Hypersonic RADOME‎
11 Hamed Mehrabi Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 thin films fabricated by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)‎
12 Marziyeh Mardali Co- Synthesis of Composite Cemented Tungsten Carbide Nano powders and Additives via Chemical Method‎
13 Eshagh Noormohammadi Electrophoretic co- deposition of self cleaning Titania- Graphene nano coating‎
14 Maryam Ieilbeygi Self repairing Nanocoatings using Graphene-Au/MBT inhibitors
15 Neda Iranpoor Anaraki Syntehsis of Ni nanoparticles on CuO foam and study of its Electrocatalysis
16 Behrooz Bozorgi NiP-WC nanopaowwders for Infilteration Brazing of Ni Coatings
17 Hamid Zabihi Synthesis of Ni/Graphene composite coatings by Ionic Liquids
18 Nastaran Farah Bakhsh Syntehsis of Ni nanoparticles on CuO foam and study of its Electrocatalysis
19 Vahid Rashidvandi Determination of nucleation mechanism of barium nitrate nanoparticles' synthesis in the presence of anti-solvent
20 Saeed Reza Nejadi Molecular dynamic simulation of elasticity and martensitic transformation of nitinol shape memory alloy nanoparticles‎
21 Karim Oni Aghmiyoni Simulation and Analysis of Hybride Solar Cell Based on P3HT and CdSe QDs‎
22 Mohammad Reza Mohammadi Modelling Size Effect on Equilibrium Phase Diagram of Ag-Cu and Syntesis of Nanocristalline Powder of this Alloy for Brazing‎
23 Amin Salimi NiP-WC nanopaowwders for Infilteration Brazing of Ni Coatings
24 Abdolah Mosleh Characterization of Al- CNT composite nanoparticles synthesized by electrical wire explosion‎
25 Parastoo Mouchani Silver nanoparticle synthesis for use in the preparation of flexible printed circuits ink‎
26 Azam Koravand Synthesis of Ni/Graphene composite coatings by Ionic Liquids
27 Sevda Nedaei Tolir Synthesis of melanoprotein nanoparticles as a medical imaging contrast ageng
28 Seyedeh Homa Hashemiyan Rahaghi Optical Properties of Cu-Ag Nanostructure Alloys Prepared by Arc-Discharge in liquid‎
29 Niloofar Taheriyan Hosien Abadi Electrodeposition of Ni-Mn-Sn Shape Memory Alloys
30 Mohsen Mahvi Khomami Synthesis of bismuth telluride nanoparticles as a CT Contrast Agent
31 Mahdi Soltanzadeh Fariman Effect of temperature on the synthesis of GaN nanostructures nanostructures via plasma-assisted vapor phase deposition‎
32 Elnaz Hashemi The optical and structural properties of bismuth based nanoparticles prepared by electrical discharge in liquid environment
33 Iman Jafari Design of Optical Isolator based on graphene plasmonic‎
34 Somayeh Dadashi The effect of liquid environment and plasmonic shell on optical and structural properties of bismuth based nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation‎
35 Elyad Damirchi An investigation on surface properties of TiCN nanostructured functionally graded coating applied by PACVD method‎
36 Masoud Azizi Malek Abadi The effect of micro nano lithium fluoride particles synthesized by chemical method on magnesium aluminate spinel formation temperature‎
37 Reza Faraji Yaychi Synthesis of silver nanoparticles and determination of the effect of electric field on the effectiveness of the stabilizers‎
38 Shoeib Vasini Fabrication of microfluidic systems for particle trapping based on optical forces in plasmonic nanostructures‎
39 Farhood Heydari Synthesis and study of electromagnetic properties of carbon nanotubes containing magnetic oxid nanoparticles‎
40 Ezat Kheradmand Synthesis and Optical Properties of Magnetic-Plasmonic Iron Based/Gold Nanostructures‎
41 Negin Rahnama Haghighi Synthesis of Ni/Ti nanostructures by DC current electrical discharge in liquid‎
42 Abbas Zirakjoo Nanoclay/SiC Nanocomposite Aerogel based on Polymer Derived Ceramics‎
43 Seyed Hamid Tabari Simulation of Interaction between Cell Membrane and Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes‎
44 Farzaneh Talaei Shoar Biosynthesis of Quantum Dots within Earthworm‎
45 Arezoo Abdolrahmani Synthesis of zinc tungstate nano particles (ZnWO4) and scintillator manufacturing for detecting high energy radiations‎
46 Mahdi Firoozi Contrast Agent in Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging based on Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles‎
47 Fatemeh Fiyze Soliemani Antibacterial activities of silver nanoparticles with different shapes synthesized by green methods‎
48 Reza Mohammadi Badizi Conceivability of the fabrication of aluminum matrix nanocomposite reinforced with SiC nano-particle using electromagnetic stir casting method‎
49 Mahmod Nazari Synthesis of Gamma Aluminum Oxynitride Nanopowder by Chemical Route‎
50 Elham Nori Gol Ghermezi Ni-WC nanocomposite coatings by infiltration brazing‎
51 Seyed Morteza Moosavy Ni-P-GO Coatings for Heat Exchanger Tubes