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First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Mahdi Eskandari Fabrication and Analysis of ZnO Nanostructured Based Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell‎
2 Ayoub Tavoni Gilan Investigation of Effect of Zirconia and Processing Agents on Porous Control and Microstructure of Nanostructure Titania Membranes‎
3 Hasan Tavakoli Synthesis of CuCr2O4nano catalyst on multi-walled carbon nanotube substrate and kinetic evaluation of thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate‎
4 Farzad Hoseini Nasab The effect of composition and heat treatment on soft magnetic properties of FeSiB based nanocomposite containing binder phase‎
5 Zohreh Deljoo Kojabad Modification of Neural Microelectrodes by Using Dexamethasone Containing Polypyrrole-Gold Nanostructures‎
6 Mahdi Semyari A new method for the synthesis of zirconium and barium chromate nanoparticles to optimize and stabilize the burning rate of delay pyrotechnic compositions‎
7 Saeed Safa The effects of synthesis method and morphology of zinc oxide nanopowder on the ultra-violet detection of zinc oxide/reduced graphene oxide composite detector‎
8 Bahram Abdolahinajand Fabrication and Charachterization of Nanostructured Perovskite Solar Cells Using Inorganic Hole Transport Materials‎
9 Hasan Elmkhah Effect of different deposition parameters on the properties of the nanostructured TiAlN coating deposited by PACVD method‎
10 Mahdi Gholam Pour Synthesis of gallium nitride nanostructures via plasma enhanced vapor phase deposition‎
11 Javad Gholami Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of graphene oxide nanosheets for detection of biological samples‎
12 Seyed Esa Karanian Viscoelastic Vibration, Stability and Damping Characteristics of Polymeric Nanocomposite Plate Containing Carbon Nanotube‎
13 Mohammad Karimi Design and Analysis of Graphene Based Surface Plasmon Amplifiers
14 Seyde Ali Maboodi Synthesis of Iron Oxide/Silica/Albumin Magnetic Nanocomposite for Diagnostics and Drug Delivery‎
15 Negar Motakef Kazemi Synthesis, characterisation and drug delivery study of porous nano- coordination polymers based on iron and zinc metals‎
16 Seyedeh Masomeh Ghasemi Nejad Evaluation of characteristics and antibacterial activity of Ag/Fe3O4 nanocomposites synthesized by green method‎
17 Kiyvan Maleki Electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Mn-Ga alloy nanowires‎