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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Mohammad Ershadi Khameneh The optimazation of tempereture and time parameters of creep age forming of an Al-Li alloy
2 Alireza Asgharpour Fabrication and Modification of Electrode for SMAW of HSLA- 100 Steel‎
3 Sina Entesari Self repairing Nanocoatings using Graphene-Au/MBT inhibitors
4 Morteza Bayanlo Syntehsis of Ni nanoparticles on CuO foam and study of its Electrocatalysis
5 Fatemeh Rahmati NiP-WC nanopaowwders for Infilteration Brazing of Ni Coatings
6 Hossein Abed Synthesis of Ni/Graphene composite coatings by Ionic Liquids
7 Yaser Eynakiayan Electrodeposition of Ni-Mn-Sn Shape Memory Alloys
8 Hasan Ghahvechiyan Ni-P-GO Coatings for Heat Exchanger Tubes
9 Shabnam Mohammadiyan Effects of Welding Direction and Position on Susceptibility to Weld Metal Transverse Cracking in Welding High- Strength Pipeline Steel with Cellulosic and Basic Electrodes‎
10 Zahra Yousefi Meyabi Deposition of TiN coating by PACVD on Austenitic Stainless Steel Steel and characterization of Its erosion properties‎
11 Mehraneh Habibi Laser Melting Effect on Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Nanostructured Coatings
12 Hamid Reza Hekmatjo Evaluation of Weldability and Joint Properties in the Laser Welding of 5xxx Aluminium Alloy and Comparison with the Conventional Welding Processes
13 Reza Khatibzadeh Davani Effect of microstructure produced by thermomechanical process on the strength properties and hardness of pipeline steel weld in the presence of hydrogen
14 Porya Sardariyan evaluation of electromagnetic waves absorption by magnetic-dielectric nanocomposite in the X-ray spectrum (radar)
15 Nafiseh Mirakhorloo Investigation of the effect of adding coal tar pitch on the properties of carbon aerogels drieved from novolac polymeric foam as thermal insulation
16 Amir Parizad Preperation of aluminium based composites by electromagnetic stir cast method‎
17 Reyhaneh Thaghiyan The imporovement of surface proprties of SiC powder using electroless and heat treatment coating processes‎
18 Mehran Salmalian Effect of Electro Spark Deposition Process Parameters on Metallurgical Characteristics of Tool Steels Coatings‎
19 Mahsa Gholam Bargani Studey the effect of alloy and shape of stud tip used in composit structure‎
20 Samaneh Nasiri Simulation of fluid flow, heat transfer and particle distribution in electromagnetic stirrer‎
21 Varyani Atena Deposition of nanostructured Ta coating on 316L stainless steel by PACVD method and characterization of its Surface properties‎
22 Yaser Najafi Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties of Fusion Zones of -TRIP steels in Continuous Fiber Laser Welding‎
23 Movahed Allahverdi An investigation on solidification crack behavior during pulsed-Nd:YAG laser welding of Aluminum alloy 5083‎
24 Mohtasham Bahoosh Investigating the Wear Properties of Super Hard Steel (FeCrBNbC) Hardfacing Layer Using GMAW Process‎
25 Mahdi Pourabbas Investigation of the Joining Parameters of Al/Al Welded by Magnetic Pulse Welding‎
26 Soraya Delfani Abyariki An investigation on DLC Coating Produced by Pacvd Method‎
27 Ata Radniya Evaluation of crack in bolt produced by cold forging of type 10B38 steel and heattreatment‎
28 Amin Soltani Ahari Evaluation of denture mechanical properties of nanocomposite PMMA ZnO‎
29 Shokofeh Tahmasebi Laser Welding of 6061 Aluminium Alloy and Investigation of Solidification Cracking‎
30 Mohammad Hasan Ameri Laser transformation hardening of GGG-60 cast iron and ICD-5 tool steel using fiber laser.‎
31 Seyed Sajjad Pourhjafar Surface transformation hardening of GGG-60 spheroidal grafite cast iron by high power diode laser.
32 Saeed Alikhani Effect Of Surface NanoCrystallization On Wear Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium‎
33 Farid Movasagh Effects of Si on tribological properties and corrosion behavior of TiSiN nanostructered coating produced by PACVD method‎
34 Ali Hajitabar Investigation and Evaluation of Weldability and Mechanical Properties in Nb-1%Zr Alloy to 321 Stainless Steel Dissimilar Joint by Electron Beam Welding
35 Elham Rajabi Totkaboni Effect of surface mechanical attrition treatment on the microstructure and the size of plastic deformation zone in 316L stainless steel
36 Mehrangiz Rajabi Totkaboni Effect of surface mechanical attrition treatment parameters on tribological peroperties of pure commercial titanium
37 Mohammad Ali Rezaei The evaluation of weldability in third generation nickel-base superalloy 718 using pre-cold treatment
38 Pakniyat Morteza Comparative investigayion of pulsed Nd:YAG and continuous wave laser welding parameters on hot cracking of nickel base Hastelloy X alloy‎
39 Pourali Masomeh The effects of friction stir welding parameters on microstructure, defects and mechanical properties in dissimilar joining of aluminum and carbon steel‎
40 Prya Siyahpour Effect of Hot-Rolling Parameters on Microstructure, Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Strength of X65 Pipeline Steel‎
41 Masomeh Heydari Tork Ababi Effect of heat input on mechanical properties and fracture of GMA weld in micro-alloyed steel in the presence of hydrogen
42 Mohsen Ghorbani Azar Weld repair of cast alloy Inconel 713 by electrospark deposition (ESD) process and investigation of the microstructure of the HAZ and weld metal‎
43 Naser Taheri Rejuvenation of Superalloy 617 using Surface Fusion Welding without Solution Annealing Heat treatment
44 Amin Ltifi Vanjani Effect of Hydrogen on Fracture Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of Welds Resulted from Different Electrodes in X65 Steel‎