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First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Soheil Solymani n Investigation through Microstructural and Tribological Properties of Hybrid Al based Composites Produced by Friction Stir Processing‎
2 Mohammad Ebrahimniya Effect of electrospark deposition and subsequent laser melting on the hot cracking of IN738LC‎
3 Seyed Mostafa Mosavy zadeh Effect of surface modification on liquation cracking in laser melting process of nickel base superalloy IN738‎
4 Iraj Hadi Phase-filed modeling of solidification microstructure in laser surface remelting processing‎
5 Mahdi Ojaghi Modelling of Drirect Electroreduction Process‎
6 Shahram Ahmadi Evaluation of Nano- Crystallization Process in Nb Containing Fe- base Amorphous Alloys‎
7 Seyed Hosein Elahi The evaluation of mechanisms of viscosity increase and foaming and their effects in the production of aluminum foam‎
8 Mohammad Emami High temperature oxidataion- sulfidation behavior of an iron aluminide layer formed on 9Cr1Mo steel substrate using laser surface alloying‎
9 Mohammad Javad Tuorkamani Dissimilar welding of Ti-6AL-4V/Nb by pulsed and CW Nd:YAG laser‎
10 Mohammd Amin Jabbareh Modeling of grain structure and solute segregation in laser surface melting process using phase field method‎
11 Mostafa Jafarzadegan Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties changes in friction stir welding of austenitic stainless steel to carbon steel‎
12 Mostafa Hajiyan Heydari Microstructural evolution of 316L stainless steel during friction stir processing‎
13 Seyde Hamzeh Baghjari The effect of electrospark Nickel interlayer thickness on the characteristics of Niobium to 410 stainless steel dissimilar laser welding
14 Bahman Daneshiyan Simulation of bonding mechanism in Aerosol Deposition method by Molecular dynamics‎
15 Amir Rahbar Kaleshami Improvement of wear properties of 52100 steel by Friction Stir Processing‎
16 Seyed Mohammad Seyed Aghamiri Characterization and control of microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni-base ODS superalloys produced by mechanical alloying and directional recrystallization‎
17 Mohsen Sheikhi Investigation on the Mechanisms and Prediction Criteria of Hot Cracking in Pulsed Laser Welding of Aluminium Alloys‎
18 Zahra Arabgol Effect of substrate material and temperature on coating properties in cold spraying‎
19 Mohsen Askari Paykani Microstructural and Mechanical Characterizations of Nano-Structured FeCrNiBSi Advanced High Strength Steel Produced by Rapid Solidification‎
20 Amir Reza Farniya Investigation of the microstructural effects of addition of Tantalum to Stellite 6 (a cobalt base alloy) by laser cladding process‎
21 Hamed Ghorbani Moaeini The Effects of PACVD Parameters on TribologicalProperties and Biocompatibility of Nanostructured Tantalum Coatings on AISI316 Stainless Steel
22 Mohammad Ammar Mofid Dissimilar Joining of AL 5083 to MGAZ31 by Means of Friction Stir Welding‎
23 Mojtaba Montazeri The investigation to the effects of heat treatment and pulsed laser parameters on the liquation cracking of IN 738LC alloy‎
24 Ali Mehri preparation and characterization of friction stir welded AA7075.T6 aluminium alloy thin sheet.
25 Noshin Yasavol Effect of the combined pulsed laser and friction stir processing on formation of the naonstructron D2 tool steel‎