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Opening the first Permanent Secretariat for cultural dialogues between Iran and Balkans at TMU

In this Conference which was held at Shaheed Motahari Auditorium of TMU, a number of Iranian and Albanian officials were present including the director of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the former president of Albania, Albanian Vice President for Science Academy, and a number of other dignitaries.

In the opening ceremony of this conference, Dr. Gholamhusseinzade, the dean of the Humanities Faculty, welcomed the audience and expressed hope that such conferences could open the door for cultural-scientific collaboration with Albania. He said that mutual interests determine the economical and political relations between countries, which may change as new circumstances develop, whereas cultural relations are based on equality, peace, humanitarian views, sympathy, fraternity, common ideology, and similar interests and bonds and it is not affected by financial interests".

He further added: "This gathering on Naim Frasheri aims to examine the views and thoughts of this great Albanian poet and thus pave the way for bilateral ties between the two nations". He also announced the faculty's readiness to cooperate with academic and scientific centers of Albania.

Dr. Ebrahimi, the director of Islamic Culture & Relation Organization, was the next speaker who referred to Naim Frasheri's unique role in Albanian history and appreciated the role of such conferences in the enhancement of friendly relations between nations. In a part of his speech, Dr. Ebrahimi referred to the rich Iranian culture which has been inspired by such great poets like Hafez, Rumi, Saadi, and Khayyam, great poets who propagated moral values, brotherhood, equality and affection. He further referred to the poems of Freasheri's which have been composed for Karbala in Persian and said this is an indicative of how Frasheri was in love with religious values, Persian culture and language.

Dr. Ebrahimi described this Albanian poet as a true lover of Imam Hussein (S) who also loved freedom and truth and acted as a link between Iran and Balkans. This great poet was like a bridge connecting the East to the West and was a person who transferred the oriental values to the world, he added. He was also the person who introduced the Persian language and its mystical messages to the region. At the end of his speech, he proposed an Albania Desk to be set up at TMU and an Iran Desk at Albanian Science Academy.

25 papers and 40 abstracts were submitted in this Conference by domestic and foreign authors, some of which were presented. After the speech of Professor Rexhep Meidani (the former president of Albania), a book fair displaying the works of Frasheri including his Persian Language Grammar, and the abstracts of papers (in English, Persian and Albanian) was inaugurated.

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