Like many other departments of Tarbiat Modares University, the Department of Humanities was founded in 1983. This department began its academic activities with the establishment of general psychology and offering graduate programs. Since it did not have any full-time faculty members at that time, the department invited faculty members from other universities for its programs. This department managed to offer the first Ph.D. program in general psychology in 1991 and it became the first department which got the honor of presenting the first Ph.D. alumni in psychology. From the beginning, the undergraduate students all over the country strove to be admitted at this university and even many of the students who had been granted scholarship to study abroad, tried to stay in Iran and study at TMU. Although the lack of full-time faculty members in those years was a threat to this department, the service of elite academic figures from other universities was considered a genuine opportunity to educate students of this department. The outstanding graduates of the university began to establish or strengthen psychology departments at different universities all over the country since the mid-1990s. In fact, in line with the policies of Tarbiat Modares University, all students who were admitted to the psychology department were either granted scholarship by one of the two ministries of science, research and technology or health, treatment and medical education. The relationship of Tarbiat Modares University with other academic institutions inside and outside the country has provided its graduates study opportunities offered by the most prestigious universities of the world. This department began recruiting highly qualified faculty members in mid 1990s at the same time it continued to benefit from the expertise of other universities’ staff in the country. In 1999, the department managed to change the title of department to “Psychology Department” by removing the term “general”, an achievement which could be attributed to the great efforts of students and faculty members, since 1999, attempts are being made to update the curricula of Ph.D. program in psychology.
Today it can be claimed that the psychology department of Tarbiat Modares University has a very important role in promoting the knowledge of psychology and expanding it in Iranian society. In fact, the graduates of this department constitute the bulk of most faculty members in all universities of the country, and they also outnumber their counterparts graduated from other Iranian or foreign universities in management, specialized psychology and mental health areas.